Miracle System Dent Puller

Complete Panel Repair System

Miracle System is a unique panel repair system developed by Kosei Ishihara over 30 years ago. The panels which it is used to repair are those that would normally be replaced but not to the extent of severely damaged panels. Many panels are replaced in the collision repair industry that could be repaired with the Miracle System.

Most technicians think of repairing a panel with a single point type of “slide hammer” or “spot hammer,” which, in most cases, would stretch a panel to the point that it would not be feasible to repair - or, with the use of a weld on plate, which would not give the flexibility to hinge as the panel returns to its original form. Miracle System attaches to several points at one time using special weld-on bits, which allow for flexibility to hinge as the panel is repaired, and uses pullers made of lightweight aluminum/titanium alloy, which easily pull a panel without the concern of stretching.

Miracle System is a complete panel repair system using a high powered welder, which welds on contact without pressing a trigger to attach the reusable pulling bits (over 100 times). The system also includes a series of pullers, strong puller, 1200 & 1600 line pullers, easy puller, lever bar, hand pullers, slide hammers and a special alloy body hammers all used in particular areas. All of this makes the Miracle System a very easy and productive system.

AiroPower is an auxiliary system to the Miracle System that uses an air powered 5.25 ton push and pull (porta-power) system with body clamps. This auxiliary system be used in conjunction with Miracle System.

miracle system dent puller

Benefits of repairing panels vs. replacement

  • No waiting for parts or backordered parts.
  • Charge more labor hours while saving parts cost (reducing severity costs to your collision shop while attaining better profitability).
  • Faster cycle times.
  • No removal of glass on quarter panel repair vs. replace.
  • Retain the factory sealant and sound deadening.
  • Smaller repair area of normally repaired panels = less paint area = less material costs.
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