• U-311 Glass Blaster Attachment

    8 pin connector with 102” cord for use on Max & Pro-Max. Head (molded polymer resin head) (5.2”W x 1.9”W x 3.2”H). One year warranty. Replacement attachment used in Glass Blaster Kit (GB-20000). 3.6 lbs.

    • High mount strain relief prevents cord from interfering with use.
    • Ergonomic grip design for better control.
    • Contoured beveled edges places magnetic field closer to the workload maximizing field strength.
    • Uses: glass, appliqués, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, spray-on bedliners.
    • 9 foot HF cable to inverter - allows full windshield access.
    List Price: $329.00
    • Internet Price: $312.55
    U-311 Glass Blaster Attachment