• Inductor® Max™ Kit IM-IND2011

    The Inductor® Max™ Kit Induction Heat system brings portability to the table for the conservative body shop. This light weight kit is all contained in a portable tool box for easy storage and mobility. The Inductor® Max™ Kit comes with the three basic attachments.

    Includes the following attachments:

    Attachment Used For
    Fast-Off Pad
    Moldings, stripes, graphics, vapor barriers, sound pads, nameplates/emblems, stress relieving sheet metal, etc.
    Glass Blaster
    Glass, appliqués, bonded SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, spray-on bed liners, etc.
    Turn bolts red hot, remove seam sealers, remove hail dents, release seized hardware, thread lock compounds, caulking, soft dents, metal shrinking, etc.

    The following optional accessories are also available:

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    Inductor® Max™ Kit IM-IND2011