Car-O-Liner CTR9 Spot Welder

Fully-Automatic, Liquid Cooled

CTR 9 is Car-O-Liners newest advancement in the resistance welding market and is designed and certified with EOS (ergonomic observation system) the CTR 9 offers many advancements to address the EOS which include light weight, double rotating gun and handle with a telescoping support arm to counter balance the welding gun. See more about EOS at

CTR 9 is a 16,000 amp welder and although 16,000 is not called for on our US market it allows the welder to be used in a medium range most times which will greatly enhance the longevity of the welder, CTR 9 offers automatic recognition of the welding arms which eliminates technician input and mistakes.

Weld documentation is easily attained with the CTR 9 as this feature is built in and includes software for your PC., Capable of welding all steel materials regardless of grade, hardness or thickness in automatic mode.

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Features & Benefits

  • Double rotating welding head
  • All extension arms liquid cooled to the tips
  • Rubber encased swivel ring for durability
  • Light welding arms coated to deter oxidation and arcing
  • 787 lbf. to 1439 lbf. Electrode tip squeezing pressure
  • A-Tong for directional change for hard to reach areas (optional)
  • CANBUS communication (CANBUS definition: The CAN bus protocol allows components to communicate with each other without complex dedicated wiring in between.)

Multi-Function Gun Kit (optional)

multi-function gun kit for ctr7 spot welder

Includes: Single-sided spot welding, Spot hammer welding, Moulding clip rivet welding, Carbon shrinking, Contact shrinking, Nut and bolt welding, Stitch welding.


A-Tong (optional)


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Car-O-Liner ctr9 resistance spot welder