Car-O-Liner CTR7 Spot Welder

Semi-Automatic, Compact

Car-O-Liner’s CTR7 is the next generation in resistance spot welding. It is low-slung and compact for easy handling. This welder provides quality spot welds for all steels including the new high-strength steels with sophisticated software. The CTR7 is semi-automatic providing perfect welding results.

The user-friendly 7” touch screen makes it easy to set your parameters, therefore reducing cycle times. It also allows the tech to add multiple layers during the welding process and with the transformer gun technology, the technician can use the gun as far as 20 feet away from the welder.

The unique telescoping support arm moves horizontally and vertically. The CTR7 is powerful with currents up to 12,000 Amps. The CTR7 is water-cooled with a 20 liter tank. This is a great all-purpose spot welder for your collision shop.

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Features & Benefits

  • Semi-Automatic Welder
  • Easy to read 7” touch screen
  • Aluminum telescoping support arm
  • Full rotation welding gun
  • Cools to the tips
  • 20 foot long cable

Multi-Function Gun Kit (optional)

multi-function gun kit for ctr7 spot welder

Includes: Single-sided spot welding, Spot hammer welding, Moulding clip rivet welding, Carbon shrinking, Contact shrinking, Nut and bolt welding, Stitch welding.


A-Tong (optional)


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