Car-O-Liner CTR12000 Spot Welder

Fully Automatic, Liquid Cooled

CTR12000 is a powerful 3 phase fully automatic liquid cooled resistance spot welder using inverter technology and is ideal for today's metals which include Boron, UHSS, HSS, Laminated and many others.

It is designed for the small to large collision repair shops where the technician input at the control panel is not required to perform quality welds.

Features & Benefits

  • Two sided spot welding
  • Automatic recognition of total material thickness
  • Automatic recognition of material type
  • Full rotation of welding gun
  • Liquid cooled to the tips
  • Virtual Machine" - Programmable Intelligence
  • Available electrical configurations 208V, 220/230V, 460V

Multi-Function Gun Kit (optional)

multi-function gun kit for CR12000

Includes: Single-sided spot welding, Spot hammer welding, Moulding clip rivet welding, Carbon shrinking, Contact shrinking, Nut and bolt welding, Stitch welding.

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