Car-O-Liner AUTOMIG 273i Pulse Duo Boost MIG Welder

caroliner aluminum welderThe AUTOMIG 273i Pulse Duo Boost MIG Welder is 2 wire feed welder used for all welding applications, including aluminum, steels, and MIG brazing (silicone bronze) for high strength steel. The welders are equipped with a 4-wheel wire feeding system, which provides steady, reliable feed for aluminum wire. The Car-O-Liner 273i welders come with the 4 meter (13.5’) MIG-A Twist torch/welding gun, which will allow technicians the ability to weld in difficult areas. The 273i Pulse Duo MIG Welder is supplied with a second MIG-A Twist Torch/welding gun which allows the technician to switch seamlessly between welding different materials. No need to change wire spools or welding guns for different material applications. The welder can also accommodate 2 shielding gas bottles.

The 273i can operate in single phase or three phase through automatic recognition and has a max amperage of 270 Amps, most in its class. The welder may be used in a pulse or non-pulse mode. The welders are extremely easy to use with presets for different materials and thickness. Turn it on, press the button, and weld!

AUTOMIG 273i welder
caroliner AUTOMIG 273i brochure

Features & Benefits

  • Auto-pulse technology
  • 2 wire spools & 2 welding guns
  • 4 meter (13.5’) MIG-A Twist Torch/Welding Gun
  • Adjust welding right from torch
  • Preset settings for different material applications
  • 270 Amps max
  • Input voltage 208/230
  • 26 foot long main power cable