Car-O-Liner Quick 42™

Frame Alignment System for Cosmetic & Structural Damage

caroliner quick 42 frame machineThe Quick 42™frame alignment system was introduced in 2009 as the market emerged into "blue printing" for thorough repair estimates and repair plans. It can be used for measuring a vehicle without set-up and, if necessary, it features quick lifting and clamping for a vehicle set-up. Measuring base (bridge) may stay on the machine to enhance quick measuring. It is also used in areas of repair shops known as "fast lane," "quick lane," "fast track repairs," etc. This frame machine system is capable of handling light repairs to heavy duty repairs. Quick 42 is best suited for uni-body car repairs and compact truck and SUV repairs.

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caroliner quick 42 brochure
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Features & Benefits

  • Removable aluminum extruded side sections (ramps)
  • Variable height lift up to 67" at rockers
  • Variable height lift lowers to 15.5" at deck ht.
  • Central hydraulics operates all pulling and lifting equipment
  • Safe vehicle lifting with use of unique hydraulic pillar jacks
  • Machined and milled surface for perfect accuracy
  • 10 ton 360° removable pulling
  • Accepts EVO universal fixturing
  • OEM approvals