Car-O-Liner QP-1 Dent Puller

High Performance, Compact, Portable

Car-O-Liner's QP1 Dent Puller is a portable spotter with a high frequency inverter used for rapid welding and pulling. This tool is used for pulling and straightening dents. The QP1 Dent Puller is compact and powerful; it contains a built-in ground rod with an automatic contact. The paint removal area only needs to be a minimum of 20mm in diameter, therefore reducing preparatory work. This is a vital tool for the modern body shop.

Features & Benefits

  • A high performance tool for pulling out dents on steel body panels.
  • A portable spotter that features a high frequency inverter for rapid welding and pulling, thereby reducing repair times.
  • Compact
  • Contains a built-in ground rod with automatic contact
  • Requires a minimum paint removal area of only 20mm in diameter, smaller than the size of a quarter.
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