Car-O-Tronic™ Vision Classic & Vision X3

Measuring Systems from Car-O-Liner

caroliner carotronicCar-O-Tronic™ was introduced to the collision repair industry in 1990 and was the first computerized electronic measuring system on the market for that purpose. It is capable of measuring a full lower body and a full upper body from headlights to tail lights including A, B and C pillars with data. It can also be used in a comparative mode and absolute mode (tape measure). Vision X3 also allows for the technician to pinpoint suspension damage with its suspension diagnostics mode, as well as measure door, hood, trunk openings etc. with the P2P mode.  It even has a Hand Eye App for remote operation.

With the use of Car-O-Tronic™measuring systems you can easily measure many points in a short period of time to create a repair plan and also prove the extent of damage to a vehicle for proper payment.

Check out our measuring system selector guide (.pdf) for complete side-by-side feature comparison.

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caroliner carotronic vision classic brochure
Download Brochure (.pdf)
caroliner carotronic vision x3 brochure
Download Brochure (.pdf)

Car-O-Tronic Vision Classic & Vision X3 Features:

  • 3 Dimensional lower body measuring with data
  • 3 Dimensional Upper body measuring with data
  • LED light identifies measured point when near position
  • Bluetooth wireless communication from PC to measuring slide
  • Comparative measuring mode
  • Absolute measuring mode (tape measure)
  • Zoom of screens for easy view
  • Measuring point photos to easily identify
  • Before and after printouts

Features & Benefits

  • Suspension diagnostics
  • Step by step video & illustrated setups of EVO 1,2 & 3
  • Vin # decoding for data sheet lookup
  • Hand Eye App allows for remote operation through I-pad, I-phone or I-pod
  • Point to point measuring for door, hood, trunk openings etc. (P2P)
  • Remote key pad on measuring slide for screen function changes on PC