Car-O-Liner BenchRack™

Frame Alignment System

caroliner benchrack frame machineBenchRack™ was introduced in 1988 as the market emerged for larger vehicles, pickup trucks and SUVs. This system is best suited for those vehicles, including up to 1-ton trucks. The BenchRack name is derived from the fact that it can be used as a bench (similar to the MK series and other similar manufacturers models). This model is a drive-on, which is most commonly called a "rack." Its removable side sections (ramps) allow for the flexibility to be used as a bench or a rack.

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caroliner benchrack brochure
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BenchRack is now offered in 4 different lengths which include:

  • BenchRack 4200 13.5' base frame with 16.5' working length
  • BenchRack 5000 16.5' base frame with 19.5' working length
  • BenchRack 5500 18' base frame with 21' working length (most popular) 
  • BenchRack 6300 20.5' base frame with 23.5' working length

Features & Benefits

  • Removable Side sections (ramps)
  • Variable height lift rises to 50" at rocker ht.
  • Variable height lift lowers to 15" at deck ht.
  • Safe vehicle lifting with use of unique pillar jacks Machined and milled surface for perfect accuracy
  • 10 ton 360 pulling + removable
  • Accepts EVO universal fixturing
  • OEM approvals