Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation

Prevent Cross Contamination

The Aluminum Workstation allows shops to keep their aluminum tools in one place to prevent cross contamination and galvanic corrosion. The work station comes with its own 220 Volt capacitor discharge welder for faster capacitor recharge time. Other accessories include aluminum hammers, infrared thermometer, and a heat gun.

Car-O-Liner’s Aluminum Workstation is supplied with lightweight, carbon fiber pull bars for easy handling and use for technicians. The system is supplied with a 41.5” and 67.5” pull bars to span larger panels. Included in the Aluminum Workstation is a hand-puller for smaller dents.

Features & Benefits

  • 220 Volt Capacitor Discharge Welder for faster capacitor charge
  • 41.5” Pull Bar for larger area to pull dents
  • 67.5” Pull Bar for larger area to pull dents
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